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Other Rooms Press, an online experimental poetry magazine, chapbook press, and Brooklyn-based reading series, is proud to announce the publication of their two latest chapbooks, Deleted Scenes from the Autobiography of Ed Go as Told by Napoleon Id by Ed Go, and Groping the Muse by Michael Whalen.



Michael Whalen and Ed Go met in the Brooklyn College MFA program in 2003 and, after graduating in 2005, founded Other Rooms Press in an attempt to bring the work of linguistically innovative, experimental poets whom they admired to a larger audience.

From a website/online magazine, Other Rooms Press has grown to encompass a regular reading series, several chapbook publications, and an anthology, while remaining focused on its goal of publishing and promoting surprising, playful and often humorous avant-garde poetry in the electronic, print, and performance mediums. Its motto remains: “When the spirit of play dies, there is only murder” (Alexander Trocchi).


Things You Learn About Your Neighbors When There’s a Fire at 3 AM is a selection from Ed Go’s most recent chapbook, Deleted Scenes from the Autobiography of Ed Go as Told by Napoleon Id.

Things You Learn About Your Neighbors When There’s a Fire at 3 AM

Mrs O likes younger men—tonight it’s twins; the kid on the corner wears Star Wars PJs, no surprise, but you didn’t expect he’d already have pubes; the Gregsons are heavy sleepers: closest to the fire and a light didn’t even go on; Mr Topaz wears a toupee, backwards now, his wife insulates her bra; Mr P wears boxers and so does his wife; the fat guy with the pony tail wears briefs and it seems he doesn’t wash them; “Cinderella” Johnson is pre-op after all—you should’ve joined that pool—but you’ll collect on Amanda Mann’s failure to get her wig on right; the Vietnam vet at the end of the street has far more scars than you imagined, his one leg alone more damaged than you thought a thing could be damaged, but the scars on his arms are from a different war and you know you’d do far worse if you were him, tender-meated as you are; and Ed Go, that poser, has no sense, standing there on his porch, shirtless, sockless, his right hand holding up his jeans, his left slathered in Vaseline.


A SHORT FILM is a selection from Michael Whalen’s most recent chapbook, Groping the Muse.


he walked into frame

she moved towards the corner

there may have been
more or less
if you’re counting

a crowflock of ediblebits
storms apprehension
followed by

a single prehensile flick —

(officially, they could have
smelled it coming)

can we say it sounds like a train
before they hear it
before the dark 18

this fruitful lurk becomes you
fetching in blue & green

she says genius

what would she know?


T-Shirt is a selection from Ed Go’s most recent chapbook Deleted Scenes from the Autobiography of Ed Go as Told by Napoleon Id.


— . . . and he would go out into the fields and work side by side with the common workers and it wasn’t just a photo-op, man, he was the true shit. Long after his comrades were mad with power, he remained true to what it was all about. . .
Ed Go strokes his goatee and goes on about our hero.
—I heard when he died, the guy holding the gun to his head hesitated and Che said, what are you waiting for? You’re just killing a man.
I run my fingers along the edge of my mohawk, nodding as I sip my mocha cappuccino.
Ed Go tastes his Tazo® Chai and smiles.
Above us, the Starbucks® logo shines gloriously in the night.


DON’T THINK SO MUCH, SHE SAID is a selection from Michael Whalen’s most recent chapbook, Groping the Muse.


but it keeps appearing variegate on high-wires in middled skirts of holes, in the flanks of fused, yes, but full monument so remarked & chastened performs in this instruction as if thought premiers action, as if this list mentioned here, this elephant i related, has made it, will frighten sixteen horses when it comes, that is to say none, become in some service turned loose by conviction as heard & the self, in fact, is an orchestra as apt as a child with a talent for being trapped in visits, in the flesh & bone of a simple kitchen six motors over and here, as in many a troupe of ghosts, the scene shifts to a limber wake described as that locale near a huge extend from once hunted, & dances atop the included metal wheels, the essence or its libretto out of a rocket, the movement neither romance nor german nor a cross by any name described, coming through as the stories you can’t shake, a good opening, a dizzying film, a depicted drama & a sultry screen, i recall being burdened by this buzz searing between armature of brass gone off, just noise in the voices i heard & this a pupa wedged in awe except that it explodes


What You Give is a selection from Ed Go’s most recent chapbook Deleted Scenes from the Autobiography of Ed Go as Told by Napoleon Id.

What You Give

Once while getting a blowjob in high school Ed Go got this idea to build a time machine which he thought would be possible using gravity like in Star Trek IV the one with the whales which is really subtitled The Voyage Home but everyone always refers to as The
One with the Whales and is still the best of all the Star Trek movies except instead of catapulting around the sun he would recreate the solar system in miniature but to scale so as to achieve the appropriate effects but he couldn’t figure out the problem of the real
Earth’s gravity which would totally negate the gravitational force of his scale model and therefore make using its gravity for time travel impossible but if he could at least adjust the gravitational relation of the time traveler to a proportional relation with the scale then
perhaps he could also adjust the necessary angle at which velocity needs to be achieved when attempting to travel through time, backwards at least, and push the object of travel in direct opposition of the plane of orbital momentum to force the velocital reciprocality
in direct proportion to the refractory propulsion of the temporal effect. Yes, Ed Go thought to himself. Yes, it is possible.*

*This is bullshit: Ed Go never got a blowjob in high school.


LOOT IT is a selection from Michael Whalen’s most recent chapbook, Groping the Muse.


the mask.           you know—
the circumstantial mask that capers incandescent near crumpled pay, rickety emblem of struck platitude, incendiary particulate that enshrouds the circus in pleasure, lodges sing song in causal barrels, situates momentum in incontinent knots, outraged, semi-skilled & stammering about polarity.
this inconclusive costume provides galactic dirt, chisels colorized lira in a petty semantic touch, inhospitable & dutch in crash, concordant & sullen in the nature of racked & wren, condensed as helm & hollow, wrapped covers of done because made, indecent ruptures under effect salt toughen.
as harrow bailed from sense & from note it returns a thousand on break & cash, another harsh tank colliding with snapped & bunch, the statue tackled & left with them such, thus the brittle width of therefore either or.
there are millions of ways out of this.
you get the ankles.           i’ll get the wrists.


Print Publication History:

  • Some Odes, Michael Whalen (chapbook limited edition, 30 signed & numbered copies, 2007)
  • The Tree of Boon & Bane, Drew Baughman (chapbook, 2007)
    Pocketbook, V.L. Bond (chapbook, 2007)
  • a harpy flies down, melissa christine goodrum (chapbook, 2007)
  • ALARUM, Chip Livingston (chapbook, 2007)
  • Silence or Noise, L.Sze (chapbook, 2007)
  • de-luminations, Ed Go (chapbook, 2008)
  • Seive, Matthew Reeck (chapbook, 2008)
  • Some Odes, Michael Whalen (chapbook, new expanded edition, 2008)
  • The OR Pantrhology: Ocellus Reseau, guest editor, Melissa Christine Goodrum (anthology of favorite/new work from OR contributors, 2013)
  • The Autobiography of Ed Go as Told by Napoleon Id, Ed Go (chapbook, 2014)
  • Groping the Muse, Michael Whalen (chapbook, 2014)

Other Rooms Press is currently taking submissions. For more information please click here.

Ed Go’s recent writing has appeared in Poets on the Great Recession, In Between Altered States, Busk, Bastards & Whores, Boston Poet Journal: Bad-Ass Edition, and Breadcrumbs Scabs, among others. His latest chapbook is Deleted Scenes from the Autobiography of Ed Go as told by Napoleon Id, published by Other Rooms Press. Find him online at edgosblog.wordpress.com.

Michael Whalen earned his MA in poetry from Miami University of Ohio in 2002, and his MFA in poetry from Brooklyn College in 2005.

Ed Go and Michael Whalen can be reached at: